St. Thomas Outreach Team

We support St. Thomas’ outreach ministries, consider new initiatives, and seek to collaborate with other local service organizations.

Contact: Tom Archie

Ketchum Community Dinners Curbside (KCDC)

Provides free meal given out Wednesdays with pick up between 5:00-6:00 pm.

Contact: [email protected]

St. Thomas Playhouse

We are a community theater organization founded on the belief that the performing arts can serve the higher purpose of educating people and transforming lives while providing entertainment. 

Contact: Sara Gorby

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Care for Creation

We endeavor to advocate, educate and articulate protection of the environment and preserving the sanctity of creation. Change contact as follows. 

Contact: Laurie Ahern and Carolyn Coiner 

Latino/Hispanic Task Force

We support and empower our hispanic neighbors through events and engagement.

Contact: Don Liebich

Use the form below if you would like to reach out and be involved! Your email will be sent to the correct outreach leader.