The Faith Club: A Muslim, A Christian, A Jew – Three Women Search for Understanding

By Ranya Idliby, Suzanne Oliver, and Priscilla Warner

Written in the wake of September 11th, The Faith Club, recounts the story of three women, of each of different faiths, coming together to discuss their concerns, stereotypes and misunderstandings, as well as to discover and celebrate what united them.

While somewhat outdated, this memoir of spiritual reflections in three voices, The Faith Club has renewed relevance at a time when the world is once again facing conflicts that illicit questions about Judaism, Christianity, and Islam and their relationship to one another.

This winter please join the Rector’s Discussion Group for a study of this book.  Gatherings occur via zoom at 12pm on Wednesdays.  Please contact Judi Fuller in the office if you need assistance obtaining the book.  The schedule is as follows:

February 21st, Session 1

Read Chapters 1 -4

February 28th, Session 2

Read Chapters 5-8

March 6th, Session 3

Read Chapters 9-12

March 13th, Session 4

Read Chapters 13-16

March 20th, Session 5

Read Chapters 17-19