The Vision Committee was formed in spring of 2023 to oversee the collection of opportunities and ideas for the future of St. Thomas.  A main goal of the group was to try to reach as many members and interested parties at St. Thomas as possible.  

Beginning in June 2023, members of the Dream Committee held listening sessions open to all those affiliated with St. Thomas.  Three listening sessions were held during the Adult Education period – one each in June, July and August.   Individual sessions were also held with the choir, St. Thomas Playhouse, and the parents and director of Children & Youth.  Close to 100 individuals were reached in this way.  All of the listening sessions were very animated and positive, eliciting creative ideas and excitement about opportunities for the future of St. Thomas.  An online questionnaire was also available for any and all.  

Members of the Vision Committee include:

Jonah Kendall – Rector

  Kathleen Bean – Associate Rector,

Paul Ahern – Senior Warden

Rebecca Waycott – Committee Chair

Dell-Ann Benson, Roger Gould, David Lister, Chris Neilson. Suzy Orb, Arthur Scully, Margot Shuford, and Junior Warden (as Vestry Liaison)

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