Giving Tree Sign-Ups

Date: December 16, 2020

Generous hearts of St. Thomas!

Questions? Contact Sara Gorby,

  1. Sign up for a gift or two.
  2. Purchase, wrap gift and label gift with what the item is.
  3. Return to St. Thomas church office by Wednesday, December 16.      Office is open Monday-Thursday, 8:00 am-4:00 pm and Sunday Mornings.

Sign up below...

What Name
What Name
Family 1 - Girl Age 4- Leather Boots in purple or red size Childs 11 #1: Brick Family
Family 1-Girl Age 4-Winter coat in pink or purple size childs 5 #1: Heather Black
Family 1-Girl Age 4-Toy: Barbie, Mohana Dolls or Legos for girls #1: Marcia Liebich
Family 1-Boy Age 12 months-green sneakers size little kids 1 #1: Brick Family
Family 1-Boy Age 12 months-Cotton sweatshirt, pants & onesies 12 months #1: Sara Pettit
Family 1-Boy Age 12 months-Toy: soccer ball, legos for boys, playdough #1: Pettit Family
Family 1-Grandmother-shoes winter slippers size adult 6.5 #1: Heather Black
Family 1-Grandmother-winter jacket, purple, red, gray or blue size Large #1: Ashton Family
Family 1-Mother gift card to buy diapers #1: Barbara Shelton
Family 2-Girl 18 months-sneakers black or beige size little kids 5 #1: katrina cord
Family 2- Girl 18 months-winter dress in red or blue size 18 months #1: katrina cord
Family 2-Girl 18 months-snow gloves #1: Webb Family
Family 2-Girl 18 months-coloring book and crayons #1: Mary Malkmus
Family 2-Grandmother-brown winter slippers size 6 #1: Webb Family
Family 2-Grandmother-Winter dress with flowers size Medium #1: Webb Family
Family 2- Grandmother-Scarf, purple sweater or winter jacket size Medium #1: Pettit Family
Family 2-Mother-Black leather booties size 6.5 #1: Margot Shuford
Family 2-Mother-Sweatshirts blue or black #1: Becky Smith
Family 2-Winter dress in red or blue and make-up #1: Margot Shuford
Family 3-Girl age 13-snow boots size adult 7 #1: betsy lawrence
Family 3-Girl age 13-hoodie in black, blue or white size Medium #1: Bill n Janet Craig/Schaumburg
Family 3-Girl age 13-skinny jeans size junior 5 #1: Margot Shuford
Family 3-Girl age 13-winter jack in black, pink or white size small & wool hat #1: Christine Kraatz
Familly 3-Boy age 9-snow boots size boys 4 #1: Ann Taylor
Family 3-Boy age 9-joggers and long sleeve tshirts size 10-12 #1: nancy cord
Family 3-Boy age 9-snowpants, winter coat & winter gloves size 10-12 #1: nancy CORD
Family 3-Girl age 7-snow boots size youth 13 #1: Patience Ziebarth
Family 3-Girl age 7-snow pants size 8 #1: Ann Taylor
Family 3-Girl age 7-Leggings size 7 #1: Patience Ziebarth
Family 3-Girl age 7- winter gloves #1: Patience Ziebarth
Family 3-Mother-snow boots size womens 8.5 #1: Dell-Ann Benson
Family 4-Girl age 12-black or blue leather boots size adult 8 #1: Margot Shuford
Family 4-Girl age 12-skinny jeans size adult 8 #1: Dydy Cleven
Family 4-Girl age 12-sweatshirt in black or blue size Large #1: Marybeth Malkmus
Family 4-Girl age 12-earbuds, hair straighter, eyeshadow or lotions #1: Dydy Cleven
Family 4-Boy age 10-sneakers in black or blue size youth 5#1: Sign up »
Family 4-Boy age 10-winter coat in black or blue size Large #1: Ashton Family
Family 4-Boy age 10-jeans in black or blue size 16#1: Sign up »
Family 4-Boy age 10-earbuds, electric scooter #1: Bill n Janet Craig/Schaumburg
Family 4-Boy age 8-sneakers in black or white size children's 2#1: Sign up »
Family 4-Boy age 8-black skinny jeans size youth 9#1: Sign up »
Family- 4-Boy age 8-Black sweatshirt size Medium #1: Mary Malkmus
Family 4-Boy age 8-earbuds, skateboard or basketball #1: Dell-Ann Benson
Family 4-Mother-booties size 8.5 #1: Ragna Caron
Family 5-Girl age 15-Shoes size adult 7 #1: Karen Robideaux
Family 5-Girl age 15-down jacket size Small #1: Ragna Caron
Familly 5-Girl age 15-leather booties size adult 7 #1: Karen Robideaux
Family 5-Girl age 15-make up #1: Page Klune
Family 5-Boy age 15 months-winter coat size 2T #1: Sylvia Miller
Family 5-Boy age 15 months snow boots size little kids 6#1: Sign up »
Family 5-Boy age 15 months-toddler toy #1: Sabrina Roblin
Family 1-Mother-Albertson's or Atkinson's gift card $75 #1: Marcia Liebich
Family 2-Mother-Albertson's or Atkinson's gift card $75 #1: LeeAnne Linderman
Family 3-Mother-Albertson's or Atkinson's gift card $75 #1: Tim Williams
Family 4-Mother-Albertson's or Atkinson's gift card $75 #1: Cait Nielson
Family 5-Mother-Albertson's or Atkinson's gift card $75 #1: Clyde & Lise Holt
Family 6-Mother-Albertson's or Atkinson's card $75 #1: Christine Kraatz
Family 6-Girl age 8-snow pants size 8 #1: Eavan Brown
Family 6-Girl age 8-snow boots size childs 1 #1: Eavan Brown
Family 6-Girl age 8-BFF doll #1: Becky Smith
Family 6-Mother-snow boots size 6.5 #1: Page Klune
Family 6-Mother-winter coat size small#1: Sign up »
Family 6-Mother-perfume#1: Sign up »
Family 6-Grandmother-winter coat size medium #1: Suzie Pearson
Family 6-Grandmother-sweater size medium #1: Page Klune
Family 6-Grandfather-winter boots size men's 8.5 #1: Jan Swanstrom
Family 6-Grandfather-winter coat size medium #1: Jan Swanstrom