Update from the Search Committee:

In these uncertain times when we have deep concerns for our health and the health of our loved ones and our community, the Search Committee wants to assure you that while the speed of this process may lag slightly with all that is happening around us, we are still on task and still take extremely seriously the job with which we have been tasked.  We are continuing to meet via video conferencing and are in contact with our consultant regularly. Read on for a recap and update of what the committee has been up to.

As shared with you in the fall, the process to finding a new Rector can be broken down into three phases.  During Phase 1 the committee spent time listening to what was on your hearts and minds for the future of our church. This was completed before the end-of-year holidays.  Phase 2 took us through the preparation of a Parish Profile and an Office of Transition Ministries form (requiring answers to many questions both narrative and one liners). This was completed by the end of February.  Finally, a short video was prepared to help verbalize who we are through parishioner interviews. You can view the video on the St. Thomas website homepage below the photo of Baldy.

We now enter Phase 3.  With the assistance of our consultant Canon Neysa Shepley Ellgren, who recently met in person with the Search Committee, an ad has been placed on the front page of the Episcopal News Services newsletter, and on the Office of Transition Ministries site (for clergy only).  Word of mouth is also being employed, so if you know of a wonderful potential candidate, encourage them to apply!

Applications have begun to come in to Canon Neysa who will do an initial screening to ensure the candidates are priests in good standing.  Once completed, the Search Committee will receive the candidate files and begin the process of vetting, interviewing, discerning and praying.  Prior to presenting the finalists to the Vestry, the Bishop will communicate with fellow Bishops to learn more about the candidates. Finally, the Vestry will be presented with a small number of finalists.  Once a candidate is agreed upon, a decision and offer will be made, and a contract negotiated.  

This final phase requires complete confidentiality on the part of the Search Committee, so please trust and honor the process as the committee goes through these next steps.  Be patient with committee members when they are unable to be forthcoming about the applicants. In the meantime, you can help with continued prayers for the Search Committee and the work they do, as well as ask for God’s assistance in guiding our next Rector towards St. Thomas.